My Story in Brief…

‘My work has grown out of my inner search for a richer, fuller and more satisfying life. I have spent much of the last twelve years working with the healing power of the breath, traveling the globe, presenting my work and researching the latest emotional clearing and empowerment techniques.

I am the Founder of the Australian Breathwork College, a Quantum Breathwork Trainer, a Quantum Process Practitioner and trained in John Bradshaw’s ‘Non-shaming’ Therapy. I have been working in personal development for fourteen years. During this time I have facilitated private sessions, weekly group meetings and Emotional Mastery Programs around Australia, in New Zealand, USA, Canada, South Africa and England.

In my youth I was an international class distance runner. I spent four years at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. Yes, I have a brother, Robert, who is also a famous marathon runner. I have represented Australia in four World Cross Country Running Championships. In 1983 I recorded the tenth fastest marathon ever run by an Australian in a time of 2 hours 15 minutes.

Whilst in Canberra I completed my Bachelor of Architecture. In 1987 I received a distinction for my thesis on the relationship between Quantum Physics and Architecture. This thesis seeded my departure from a Western, Cartesian philosophy to a more holistic approach to life.

In 1988 I attended a personal transformation seminar to heal myself of ‘chronic fatigue’ and to get my athletic career back on track. I learned to access inner powers, heal my body, release the struggle from life, and I started to run faster than ever on less training. From that time I have attended numerous trainings on enhancing full human potential.

In 1992, after working as an architect for six years I made a major career change. Following my heart to work full time in personal development.

I believe in the innate goodness and innocence of humanity. That we are all doing the best we can to find and express love with the skills and experience available. Through my I see that many people today are living in pain caused by the suppression of their emotions. I encourage individuals to connect with, accept and express their true feelings. This brings immediate healing and a deepened connection with the truth of who we are.

I currently teach Practical Emotional Intelligence Skills, Meditation, Breathwork, Practitioner Trainings, Heart Mastery Seminars and Relationship Skills.

My major goal is to teach about open hearted living and to facilitate the realisation of the beauty and power that is available to each of us when we open our hearts’.


How I got to be teaching Emotional Mastery – in detail

NICHOLAS THAILAND 2013 headI’d like to share with you how I got to be teaching emotional mastery. It is my hope that you may recognise some of the challenges I have been through and gain hope and inspiration that things can get better, better than they have ever been in fact – no matter how bad they are now.


I feel so blessed to be where I am in my life. To be sharing my life in a conscious, passionate loving relationship with Susan and seeing our two boys growing into fine young men, living in a rainforest on our own private retreat, financially established, doing what I love, sharing heart opening, helping to make the world a more connected, peaceful, fertile place for all beings to flourish. But it has not always been easy. I have had my share of challenges, which started out young.


It’s great to be alive! I know because I nearly died. When I was three months old I had one of the worst cases of chickenpox ever seen. I was put in the infectious diseases hospital, baptised, confirmed and anointed with the sacrament of the dying. My parents were told that I was going to die that night and sent home. I had no skin left on my body and since babies cool through their skin, I had a raging fever. My mum says that the only reason that I survived was because a kind Asian nurse bathed me in cool water all night until my fever broke.


After this experience I became happy to be alive and had caring for the suffering of others. As a child I rescued birds that fell out of the palm tree in our front yard and feeding milk to the stray cats that frequented our backyard and helped my mother care for my younger siblings. I became the ‘ideal child’. I grew up in the middle of a big family (of seven kids). I became an adjusting child: compliant, independent and self-reliant. My role in the family was to be the good boy who did the right thing. I tried to get attention and approval by trying to make my parents happy. I became a Prefect at school, captain of the athletics team.


By the age of 24 I had married a ‘good’ Catholic girl, become an architect, got a scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport, represented Australia in World Nicholas Running cinqe Mullini2 smallChampionships and bought a house. It all seemed ideal on the outside but on the inside I was stressed and anxious because I had lost touch with who I really was.


As a highly sensitive person I found it very difficult at the Institute of sport where people were valued on how well they were performing. I was putting a lot of pressure on myself, trying to live up to very high expectations. At 25 years of age, I was involved in a fatal car accident, which turned my life upside down. I started to suffer from anxiety, not sleeping well, which led into irritable bowel syndrome and chronic fatigue. As my search progressed I became increasingly more frustrated, bitter and cynical and more and more desperate to find a solution. I did the rounds of doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, Chinese herbalists, Aurora readers, and spiritual clairvoyants – not to mention the box full of vitamins that sat on top of the fridge.


3 years later, at 28, I attended my first personal development workshop. I realised that this is an inside out world – that I am the creator of my reality. Instead of looking outside for answers I realised that empowerment comes from within. I learnt how to take greater control of my life and switch from living in fight or flight mode to inducing the relaxation response. I learnt to meditate and use the power of my subconscious mind to program my life for success. As a result I ran faster on less training. I was totally inspired about the potential we all have as human beings to leave extra ordinary lives.


This was the start of my journey of discovering the truth of who I am: of the importance of being authentic and living my life fully.


Shortly after my first workshop I moved back to Melbourne and started to host the workshops for others. I became involved in helping other people to grow. The more I healed myself, the more fulfilled I felt working in personal growth and the less fulfilled I felt working as an architect.


During this time I learnt a dynamic breathing process called Breathwork. Breathwork activates the energetic body and facilitates the release of unresolved past emotional trauma that holds us back from living life fully.


During one particular Breathwork session a torrent of emotional energy poured through my body. My whole body was like a pipeline of energy. There was nothing that I could do but let it happen. During this event I experienced my emotions so powerfully and vividly that I was left in no doubt that my emotional aspect is a real and valid part of who I am. I realised that I had been conditioned all of my life to deny, ignore and invalidate the reality of my emotions. This event seeded my fascination with the emotional aspect of who we are. At that time Daniel Goleman’s book: Emotional Intelligence had not been published and so I set out to learn about emotions.


nicholas straight on - ChrisNicholas at Xmas Party98 copyShortly after this event I stopped working as an architect and switched careers to working full-time as a Breathwork practitioner – helping other people to release the emotional blocks that hold them back, slow them down, cause stress and anxiety, frustration and depression, relationship breakdowns, illness and loss of direction and passion for life. That was 10,000 sessions and 25 years ago!


In 1996, 20 years ago, I created the Passionately Alive seminar. In the seminar I provide a safe space for people to release emotional blocks and learn practical emotional intelligence skills for everyday life. These skills empower people to release the past, heal, open their heart, connect to who they are, create deeper more loving relationships, find their passion and live life to the fullest.



PA June 2016I have now conducted over 200 Passionately Alive seminars plus I have facilitated hundreds of small group and one-day trainings plus I have conducted 15, year long, Breathwork Practitioner Trainings. I am still inspired and enthused about emotional healing, heart opening and personal empowerment.
In the course of my healing I have released my attachment to being the good boy and committed to being who I am, healed childhood abuse, cleared rage at suffering here on Earth, released fears of rejection, learned about the importance of vulnerability and honesty in relationships, healed shame, opened my heart and connected to my basic goodness.
Nicholas and Susan Buddhist temple 2016About 20 years ago I read a Buddhist book called: When Things Fall Apart, by Pema Chodron and found a deep resonance with what I was teaching in my work. Since then I have  actively been a student of the Buddhist tradition. I find this lineage to be very heart and emotionally intelligent.


I have learnt that the emotional domain is the bridge between the head and the heart; it is the link between our cognitive and spiritual aspects. Repressing emotions causes a disconnection and splitting off from our core, from our felt sense of who we are. We must heal our emotional dimension to become fully present and connected in our life.


Today, I am fit and healthy, living a very blessed life with my beautiful wife Susan and our two boys Charlie and Alexander on our seven-acre retreat centre in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges rainforest.


Almost every day I feel humble and inspired and grateful for the opportunity to witness and assist others to release the emotional baggage that causes so much unnecessary difficulty, open their heart and come alive.


After 25 years I am still passionate about teaching the importance of mastering our emotions if we want to live rich and fulfilling lives.

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