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Open Your Heart, Come Alive and Thrive

After 25 years of exploring Open Hearted Living I have come to the conclusion that it is an advanced way of living where you not only achieve your hearts desires with more ease and grace, your life has more joy, balance and significance in making a positive contribution to life on this planet. I call this: ‘Genuine Success‘.

SUCCESS AT WHAT PRICE? We all know (sometimes too well) those who sacrifice their health, relationships or quality of life to achieve success in one area – often in business or sport. We also know of people who have dedicated their whole life to pursuing a goal and achieving and then realizing that it actually had little meaning for them and for the world.

GENUINE SUCCESS is about achieving what you want in the 5 main areas of your life:
1. HAPPINESS: Connecting to and living with peace, happiness, love and contentment
2. HEALTH: Enjoying an abundance of energy, well-being and good health
3. RELATIONSHIPS: Sharing alive fulfilling, loving intimate relationships, friendships and friends
4. SUCCESS / WEALTH: Achieving success (what you want) and financial freedom
5. SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Doing what you love: Expressing your uniques gifts, being of service to help make the world a better place


|        with Nicholas de Castella

Free Programs

Emotional Intelligence Test

The most exciting thing about raising Emotional Intelligence is we understand more clearly why we think and act the way we do and why get the results we get. It opens us to more inner peace, love, happiness and gratitude for being alive. Complete this free test to gain valuable guidance on how to raise your Emotional Intelligence


Have you ever wondered:
If you are loved by life then why aren’t you abundant?
Do you seem to always be juggling the dollars?
Do you some how, almost magically, just have enough to cover the bills?
Could it be that you are your own worst enemy?
Is it possible that you are unconsciously restricting your level of affluence?

Paid Online Programs


Beginning with a guided meditation to a reconnect to your heart, Nicholas then identifies the 5 questions to answer to find your passion. He outlines the 5 steps to living a Heart Centred Life and lists the 10 areas to focus on, to cultivate a more passionate life.


Enjoy your own BREAKTHROUGH and learn the simple 5 step formula for creating a stress free life you truly love, in just 90 minutes. Online program with live question and answer sessions with Nicholas de Castella. Includes: Written Guide and MP3 Recording.


If you want to gain supreme control over your mind and emotions, and be bursting with energy, create loving relationships and achieve the success you truly deserve, in the fastest time possible, then you have come to the right place! Here’s why… Over the past 23 years, I have personally coached people just like you, to breakthrough and not only create huge personal and business success for themselves, but more importantly find inner peace.

Heart Centered Living

I’d like to welcome you to this Heart Centred Living programme, ten sessions that we’re going to do. Which is all about cultivating the qualities in our heart that we want to see turn up in the world around us.


I am happy to invite you to participate in a 10 week program in which we will look at the causes of stress and anxiety, how to let it go and relax into your body and live in the present moment with more joy and ease.

Live Seminars and Trainings

CORE CLEARING – 1 Day Seminar

CORE CLEARING is a primary method we use for clearing emotional blockages; heart opening and accessing Heart Intelligence for guidance in our life. It is the foundational practice for Emotional Healing, Intuitive Development, Loving Relationships, Spiritual Growth and Heart Centred Living.
The Core Clearing Process dissolves tension, anxiety, stress, grief, depression, incomplete past experiences, eliminates pain, accelerates healing by boosting the immune system, brings you into the present moment so you feel more alive…

PASSIONATELY ALIVE 3.5 Day Live in Intensive

I (Nicholas) know what it feels like to be struggling to get on top of your life. I know what it feels like to not seem to be able to take a trick. In the mid 1980′s even though my life looked successful on the outside: married, working as an Architect and on scholarship at the Australian Institute of Sport, representing Australia in international athletics, but on the inside – I was at my lowest ebb. I had lost the joy in life.


If you would like to live your passion, inspire others, make a difference in the world and make great money while doing it, then I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely possible.

Books & MP3’s

|        by Nicholas de Castella

Key to Emotional Mastery Ebook

‘This easy to read book has been written to assist you in getting your emotions to serve you: to empower you in getting what you want from life. It teaches an understanding of how your emotions affect you and how you can use them to improve the quality of your

Head to Heart Presentation

‘In this fun and informative audio presentation Nicholas de Castella outline the 4 levels through which you must journey and master if you would like to be connect from your head to you heart. This enables you to live a rich and fulfilling life, and assists you to live at you


|        Featured Posts by Nicholas De Castella

Being Whole

Emotional healing is about becoming whole. We have lost touch with the experience of wholeness through the suppression of incomplete emotional experiences. Our emotions are a great source of personal power and energy, they provide us with a wisdom that assists us in knowing what we want, and what is right for us. The sad fact is that we live in a culture that shames the expression of emotion and teaches denial invalidation and suppression.

The Anatomy of Shame

I recently counselled a middle aged couple, John and Maree. Maree was criticising and invalidating John for not being able to share his feelings with her. She told him that he was inadequate as a partner and that he was hopelessly out of touch with his feelings, just like her farther.
In response John felt ashamed and blank. With a little assistance from me,John shared how he felt about his relationship with Maree

Breathwork in the Quantum Age

There I was in a basement in Sydney lying down with a group of about eight people and being told to take deep, full breaths. I had heard stories about extraordinary experiences during this process and I was eager to see if it would work for me.
I lay down and started breathing. At the time I was an international marathon runner at the Australian Institute of Sport

I Open My Heart

We are conceived with our hearts more or less open. By this I mean that we are relatively connected to the truth of our being, to our source, to the oneness with all things, to our innate beauty, to love. Our feelings flow through our bodies relatively freely. Feelings are our life force, our animation;they provide us with personal power and create the ‘color’ in our life..


Heart Centring

This meditation is designed to help you to centre yourself in your heart so you can live a more heart centred life. The meditation is in three lengths. There is a 5 minute meditation for an every day top up, a 10 minute meditation for a slightly

Big Toe

Experience a journey of self discovery and soul connection as you experience what has become affectionately known as the ‘Big ToeMeditation’. WARNING: THIS IS NOT A CREATIVE VISUALISATION MEDITATION THIS MEDITATION WILL CONNECT

Deep Relaxation

This meditation is specifically designed to relax and calm the mind. It is great for people who experience stress and anxiety due to an over active mind. Often these minds go and go and are difficult to turn off. The meditation guides you into a deep state

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